Our Legendary Support Team has your back

Terms and Conditions

byLogic customers will always receive technical support by specialized staff while they are using our products and services, keeping their company account active.

Technical support is available in different modalities:

  • Basic. Always included in any byLogic product or service.
  • Premium. Extended coverage.
  • 24/7. Only for Premium Users.

All modalities include the priority correction of any malfunction or failure in our apps or platforms.

Our customers can reach byLogic Support by different ways:

  • Support Email Address
  • Web Form
  • Help & Support section inside our Apps.
  • Support Whatsapp Business Number
  • Ticket Generating System 24/7
  • Online Tech Support
  • Online Training
  • Remote Hands-On Session
  • Phone Call

There are several ways of letting us know what you need. But only one of solving your problems: the right one.