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byMovers Templates

Customized templates for your company documents. Includes your logo and corporate image, and all the infomation you may need. We configure your templates according to your instructions (quotes, invoices, service orders, contracts...). A sample is alway sent for customer's approval. Max. 5 pages per template.

byMovers Remote

Remote hands-on session for technical support under request. Using AnyDesk or Zoom, our technical staff will work directly on your account while you watch. We can solve any issues you may be experiencing, help with specific procedure you may not remember how to. The price is per connection the duration of which is max 30 minutes.

Online Training

Online Training for any section of byMovers or our apps, in which all your doubts and question will be answered by our Customer Care Department. They will teach you how to manage our system to get the best results. Using Zoom or Skype for screen sharing, in a 60 minutes session up to 6 attendees per session. Multiple device connection available.


Face-to-face training in the familiarity of your own offices by one of our specialists. They will teach your employees how to manage all our software and resolve any doubt or question your pesonnel may have. Price per hour does not include trip and overnight stay, if needed. Max. 4 hours session.

byMovers Customization

Personalization of different parameters and content under your account with your company information, adapting the system to your workflow. Includes registering of your Subsidiary offices, Vehicles Fleet, Human Resources, Types of Service, Types of Packaging, Boxes and Resources, Methods of Payment, Currency, Language, Coding and Numbering. The platform will be adapted to the services your company offfers.

byMovers TransData

We can import to your new account in byMovers your existing databases, keeping all your information safe and sound. 5 types of import templates are available: Customers Database, Dossiers Database, Storage Containers Database, Invoices Database and Quotations Database. You can decide what you want to import to your new byMovers account when you sign up.

byMovers TransData PREMIUM

A turn key solution for all your data moving needs. With our TransData PREMIUM package we will import all your data from any other software or apps you were using previously. Includes a previous compatibility analysis by our data engineers, a remote connection to extract and save your data and transfer all info acquired to your new byMovers account.


Probably the best option to start working quickly and easily with byMovers platform and apps. We take care of everything. Besides, you can save up to 30% on services price. Includes Online Training Sessions, Document Templates, Transdata Templates, Remote Hands-On Sessions and Customization of your domain, as well as Technical advice and guide during implementation. First Month for FREE, no monthly fee will be charged.