Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Yes. We are sure you will love what we do. So you can ask for a 30 days Free Trial with no compromise. During the Free Trial, we will help you in any question or doubt you may have. You'll never walk alone :)
Just as long as you want. We don't make prisoners. Your can use our products and services just the time you decide. And quit when you decide.
No. We can import to our system your customers data, services, and other info of your current software. And keep on with codes and numbering you are using right now.
Yes. Obviously with a prior study by our technical department. But we are quite sure your date will be compatible.
No worries. All you need to use our products and services is an internet connection. They work on any OS and device. Nothing is installed, so nothing can be incompatible. And you don't have to make any invest in new hardware.
Of course. Your employees will see/edit/delete what you decide. You can define groups of users or make it individually. And change access levels any time you need.
byLogic is a Spanish software company located in Sevilla, Spain. byLogic is a Fedem member (Spanish Federation of Moving Companies) and a IAM Technological Supplier. Plus, we have branches in Madrid and Murcia.

Billing questions

It is really easy. Just contact our Commercial Department and they will send you a form where you can choose what to contract, with all info and prices of different products and services. And we are ready to go.
The usual method of payment is by credit card, and you can pay monthly or make it automatic. Besides, you can pay some of our products for a full year and relax.
Of course. Our payment page is protected with the highest standars of internet security. Your data will be more than safe with us. And you will get feedback of payments, account status and everything you need.

Other questions

Your data belongs to you. Period. Our job is to protect it from accidental loss, defend it from criminals and provide you with great software so you can focus on your company business.
Right now, our products are licensed for more than 80 countries. Except in some countries where local government have full control over internet traffic and access (you know where) our products work anywhere.