Our Company


byLogic is a young and energetic software company trying to push the envelope in the transportation and logictics industries with our platform and apps ecosystem. We believe in hard work and quality. We believe our software can help our clients work smarter, be more efficient and in turn translate that service to their clients.

We help moving, transportation and logistics companies organize their entire workflow and company procedures thanks to your integrated ERP software platform.

byLogic moving technology

byLogic is a Spanish company specialized in mobility technical solutions. In a globally connected world, the ability to access information anywhere and anytime is essential. Our Cloud Solutions provide our customers the capability of getting all information they need through any device, anytime, anywhere, helping them to make the right decissions to manage their businesses.

Our goal is to connect your company to the world; and let the rest of the world connect to your company.

Our Team

  • Isaac Galan


  • Felipe Sanchez


Company highlights

byLogic has a short but exciting history. Below you will find our main milestones, where we are and where we have been.

2018 OCTOBER ~ IAM Washington, MD, USA

This marks the third year we attend IAM. This year we release a worlwide presentation of our new apps: byUsers and byKPI, expanding and improving byMovers environment. We also release a fully redone package of international features which fuels our international expansion.


All your company performance indicators in you hand. byKPI is the new multi-company and multi-branch app that lets business owners have a detailed view of their entire company situation. Analyze your business performance with interactive graphics in finance, sales, operations, traffic, employees and much more.

2018 AUGUST ~ byUsers

The byUsers app allows users to keep track of their entire moving service in real time. Users can download quotations and invoices, contact their service coordinator, manage the planning calendar and much more. byUsers gives moving companies a tech edge while saving time and money.

2018 JUNE ~ Servers Migration

We redesigned our entire server architecture and consolidated from more than 30 small utility servers down to a handful of very powerful machines freshly deployed and expertly tunned and hardened.

2018 MARCH ~ Migration to PHP 7

As part of a large performance project we extensively benchmarked our stack and decided to migrate our entire platform to PHP 7. This gave the system a tremendous performance push, making all pages and API calls to perform between four and six times faster!

2017 OCTOBER ~ IAM Long Beach, CA, USA

2017 OCTOBER ~ IAM Long Beach, CA, USA

2017 OCTOBER ~ IAM Long Beach, CA, USA

Our second IAM Annual Event, presenting new features and developments in our products, and opening our systems to international customers out of Europe.

2016 OCTOBER ~ IAM New Orleans, USA

Our first attendance to the IAM Annual Event, as Technological Supplier and Member. Presenting our brand new platform to internatinal customers. byLogic, still a small company with a modest products reaps a great recepcion and outstanding feedback.

2016 MAY ~ Young Movers

An exciting first event for us. With our platform working, we made the worlwide presentation of our first two mobile apps, byOperative and byVisitors.

2015 OCTOBER ~ Takeoff!

byLogic incorporates as a company. A small step for the software world, but a huge leap for us.