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The surveyors swiss-knife

byVisitors is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets designed and developed for surveyors with a clean, intuitive and easy to use interface.

byVisitors notifies to surveyor next survey date and time, to never miss a visit. byVisitors allows for creating and editing new surveys, or complete the surveys created in byMovers platform. With access in real time to surveys planning and calendar, customer info, origin, destination, human and materials resources needed, and full inventory of the service. Adding rooms and items never was so easy and fast.

Make fast and easy surveys professionally with byVisitors

Your sidekick app out on the field

byVisitors will calculate automatically the volume (or weight) of every room and the total volume (or weight) of the full service, as well as the distance from origin to destination, the best route to take and the time to cover it.

byVisitors allows surveyor to prepare an estimate and even get it signed by the customer on site, with all survey info received in our office at the moment it is taken, uploaded to the moving service dossier. ByVisitors can also create Survey Reports, and enclose all comments and text we need to the survey file.

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