byKPI: Measure your Company Performace

Experience business situation awareness

byKPI is the new multi-company and multi-branch app from byMovers that lets you know your entire business positions at a glance.

Using interactive charts you can inmediately see your main financial and operative figures. With an elegant, intuitive and friendly user interface, the user can decide what date ranges to explore and visualize at any time. Thanks to this the user can control all the company metrics and make the right strategic decisions.

Take the right decisions with the KPIs you really need

Measure, decide, improve

byKPI will display in real time all your company situation regarding services, assets and employees under an operational view. It allows the business owner to extract operational details such as performance by service type, approval ratio of quotations by employee, sales representatives activity or outstanding payments status.

Pricing Demo

I have learned so much about my own company thanks to byKPI. I now have a new set of eyes to scan my business operations. I now understand where are the inefficiencies in our workflow. I can quickly set targets and be sure we are on track to meet them. byKPI is now the daily compass I use to navigate my business.

Buckle up and get ready